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Up Coming Classes

FREE Energy Share

No Energy Share in June


July 13, 2024 -Energy Party 

7pm - All are invited!


July 23, 2024

7pm - 8:30pm CST. In-Person and on Zoom

Please text or e-mail Diana.

Reiki Classes Resume!


Level Three – August 17, 2024


Level Four – September 7, 2024


All classes are 9:00am - 4:00pm (CST)

Zoom or In-person


Diana’s Home Studio in Elmwood Park

Contact Diana to register.


Class Explanations

DiEnergize One - Learn:

  • The benefits of personalizing your Daily Routine

  • Healing Touch Chakra Connection

  • How to minimize common ailments, headaches,       pain or colds.

  • What Meridians are and how they help our Immune System. 

Meridians & Source Points - Learn:

  • How Meridians can improve your over-all health.

  • How to trace Meridians and work with them for improved health.

  • What Source Points are and how they help improve health.

  • Protocols for self or others to work Healing Energies.

Improving your Mental Health - Learn:

  • How to use your five senses to balance mental health.

  • What acupoints control your thoughts and beliefs.

  • How to manipulate those acupoints to bring balance to your mind.


Following Your Soul's Purpose - Learn:

  • How your chakras and meridians might be blocking your desires.

  • What acupoints to connect that will change the direction of your thinking.

  • Specific Energy Medicine protocols to shift your subconscious beliefs.


Reiki One - Learn:

  • How to Manipulate your life force to maximize your health and well-being.

  • How to calm your internal self to approach life in a stress free way. 

  • How to work on pets, plants and family members.

Reiki Two - Learn:

  • Distance Reiki Techniques.

  • How to use Symbols.

  • Meditation for relaxation and healing.

Keep your Hormones Humming for Health & Happiness - learn:

  • Balance hormones to maintain your ideal body weight without dieting

  • Improve the quality of your sleep - which is when your hormones are replaced

  • Keep all systems flowing and balanced to improve your overall health

DETOX - Learn:

  • How to clean your eating habits for weight management.

  • Lifestyle changes that improve quality of sleep by clearing your bedroom.

  • Techniques to develop Intuition and Clairvoyance.

  • Techniques to clear clutter from your chakras.

  • NEW protocols to improve over-all health and well-being.

DiEnergize One is a prerequisite for this class.

Gut Health - Learn:

  • How to Balance your Gut Microbiome to promote health and happiness.

  • Protocols to access the Gut to Brain relationship to improve cognition.

  • What role the Nervous System plays in digestion, and how to calm that response.

  • How the Chakras can be manipulated to improve the gut health. 


One-on-One Appointments

One-on-One - techniques for how to clear 'stuck' energy. You will be so relaxed and energized, you won't believe how great you feel. Can be done on ZOOM, FaceTime, Skype or in person (following PPE protocol). Call, text or email Diana


Clearing & Balancing Energy!

A technique that assesses where in the body energy is blocked, reversed, scrambled or toxic.

I will then formulate and share an intervention plan to correct and detoxify these energies which will help each participant regain and maintain optimal health.

For one-on-on appoitnments at my office email or contact Diana.


Classes available on VIDEO

  • DiEnergize One

  • Meridian and Source Points

  • Improving Mental Health

  • Following Your Soul's Purpose

  • Improving Intuition, Energy Testing, Eyes and EFT

  • Cancer Prevention, Heart, Brain & Over-all Health

  • Radiant Circuits

  • Keep Your Hormones Humming For Health & Happiness

  • How to DETOX Your Life

  • Gut Health

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