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For Meditation Diana uses the Mindfulness Daily app for iPhone from Inward Inc. 

It is available for free. You can download it on your iPhone from the app store.


Additional Resources & Websites Products


One-on-One Healing Session Gift Certificates (60 minutes) - $75 

Meditation, Relaxation, and Visualization CD - $10

Donna Eden's Daily Routine DVD (9 minutes) - $10

Available for purchase at Gotlieb fitness desk, or by e-mailing


Innersource: Powerful Programs for Freeing Body, Mind & Spirit

Gina Orlando, Wellness Coach & Consultant

Relax4Life: Labyrinth Items, Personal Growth Workshops & More

New! Handmade Reiki Jewelry!


DVD Explanations

DiEnergize One - Learn:

  • The benefits of personalizing your Daily Routine

  • Healing Touch Chakra Connection

  • How to minimize common ailments, headaches,       pain or colds.

  • What Meridians are and how they help our Immune System. 

Meridians & Source Points - Learn:

  • How Meridians can improve your over-all health.

  • How to trace Meridians and work with them for improved health.

  • What Source Points are and how they help improve health.

  • Protocols for self or others to work Healing Energies.

Improving your Mental Health - Learn:

  • How to use your five senses to balance mental health.

  • What acupoints control your thoughts and beliefs.

  • How to manipulate those acupoints to bring balance to your mind.


Following Your Soul's Purpose - Learn:

  • How your chakras and meridians might be blocking your desires.

  • What acupoints to connect that will change the direction of your thinking.

  • Specific Energy Medicine protocols to shift your subconscious beliefs.


Reiki One - Learn:

  • How to Manipulate your life force to maximize your health and well-being.

  • How to calm your internal self to approach life in a stress free way. 

  • How to work on pets, plants and family members.

Reiki Two - Learn:

  • Distance Reiki Techniques.

  • How to use Symbols.

  • Meditation for relaxation and healing.

New classes, available on VIDEO

  • DiEnergize One

  • Meridian and Source Points

  • Improving Mental Health

  • Following Your Soul's Purpose

  • Improving Intuition, Energy Testing, Eyes and EFT

  • Cancer Prevention, Heart, Brain & Over-all Health

  • Radiant Circuits

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